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Welcome to our LIBRARY.  You'll find regularly updated Speed and Feed Charts, Troubleshooting help, and Catalogs here.  We'll be adding more guides.

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If you are unable to download from these links - please email us and we'll attach a copy back to your email promptly.  OUR 2023 CATALOG has MORE TOOLS and our BURR line has also been added.  Remember that what you may not find in the catalog, can be designed and made CUSTOM!  Call us!

2023 - the Table of Contents is now INTERACTIVE.
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SPECIALS sellsheet

Speed & Feed Charts

  • Variable Endmills
  • Spot Drills
  • Drill Mills
  • Chamfer Mills
  • Roughing Endmills
  • Standard Endmills
  • Corner Rounding


  • Surface Finish Quality
  • Vibration
  • Chip Congestion
  • Feed Rate Adjustments
  • Entry in Hard Material
  • Conversion Charts
  • Profile Key