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Aluminum Cutting Burrs

Designed for use on aluminum, non-ferrous metals, soft steel, reinforced plastics, and other soft materials.  Available on 1/4" and 3/8" shanks.  3/8" shank is recommended for burrs 5/8" diameter and over.  Larger shanks and flexible shanks are available upon request.

Fin Cutters

Used on steel, cast iron, and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials.1/4" Shank. Return for resharpening.

SMR Solid Carbide Routers

Designed for faster stock removal on all non-metallic materials, such as Melmac, Magnesium, Formica, Hard Rubber, Aluminum etc.

Burr Sharpening

We SHARPEN hundreds of thousands of burrs a year.  Including burrs we don't make.  At prices that give you a competitive edge.  Contact us today for a quote.

SMR Solid Carbide Routers

All burrs are standard with 2" or 6" length.
Burrs are available in HSS or Flexible shank up to 36” length.
Top row-left to right:
» Tree Pointed Head
» Flame Shape
» Cone Radius Head
» Tree Radius Head
» Cylindrical Ball Nose
» Egg Shape
» Ball Shape
» Cylindrical Flat End
» Cone Flat Head
» Inverted Cone (not shown)
» Angle Incline (not shown)


Have a unique burr job? Have unique requirements? We've got you covered. With our custom burr design and manufacturing process. So, whether it's long shank, flexible shank, custom diameter, custom fluting - whatever - we can make and manufacture the precise burr you need, often in just a few days.

Shape / Types

About Midwest Cutting Tools

Midwest Cutting Tools was acquired by Advanced Tooling, Inc. in June 2016. Following this acquisition, Advanced Tooling, Inc. shifted the focus of the Midwest Cutting Tools solely to the manufacture and sharpening of burrs and rotary files. This has led to a product line of burrs and rotary files of the utmost quality and exquisite performance. Our manufacturing and sharpening services incorporate the combined expertise and knowledge of over 30 years in the industry. Advanced Tooling, Inc. continues to drive the Midwest Cutting Tools brand to the forefront of the burr and rotary file industry, and customers are assured the same customer service level they have come to expect of Advanced Tooling, Inc.